Print Design

Looking Good on Paper.

Blue Mandolin realizes that ROI should be a critical measure for determining the effectiveness of marketing programs and strategies to get the lowest CPQL (Cost Per Qualified Lead) as possible while retaining brand integrity.

That is why before we start the print design process, we first validate that the placement and message are based on solid marketing strategy. Only then do our experienced design professionals present that strong message in a visually stunning way, ensuring the most for your marketing dollar.


Graphic Design and Printing Services

Sounding Good on Paper.

To often, good money is wasted on printed materials that look beautiful, but do not address the needs of your audience or ask them to take action. Blue Mandolin applies proven methods and design principles to all types of printed marketing materials and collateral:

  • Ad Layouts
  • Brand Identity – Logos, Cards, & Letterhead
  • Folders, Flyers, & Brochures
  • Catalogs & Product Sheets
  • Direct Mail Programs
  • Trade Show Graphics


Last, but not least, proper media placement ensures that your marketing message will actually reach your target audience. If you would like to meet and discuss how Blue Mandolin can make the most of your marketing budget, click here.