Marketing Research

Know Your Customers.

A classic mistake of unsuccessful marketing programs is to neglect, or wrongly define, the particular target audience that the program is designed to reach.

Blue Mandolin avoids this mistake by clearly defining target markets before creative design is even considered. Utilizing available resources and research methods, we can develop a detailed profile of your target customer, including demographic characteristics, habits, attitudes, and preferences.


This approach enables Blue Mandolin to gain better insight into the minds of target audiences and determine best method to reach them with a meaningful marketing message.

Marketing Research Services in Elkin, North Carolina

Know Your Competition.

Once target markets are clearly defined, the process for creating the most effective marketing message is not over. How you position your offering in contrast to your competition is also extremely important, often determining who wins the lion’s share of the market. Blue Mandolin provides clients relevant information to make better marketing decisions.

  • Customer Profiles
  • Competitive Analyses and
  • Positioning
  • Surveys & Questionnaires
  • Focus Groups
  • Test Marketing


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